Enter is my meditative writing app, inspired by the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. I built this app for myself as a tool for self-inquiry and contemplation, and now, I’m excited to share it with you.

Enter is a wise, mobile-first writing application that I use as a vehicle for exploring in meditations.

Focused Flow State Writing

Every detail in Enter is crafted to keep you in a contemplative, meditative flow state.

AI Guidance

Meet Eos, your wise AI guide, designed to assist in finding your path without doing the thinking for you.

Enjoyable Experience

Enter prioritizes a playful atmosphere over a work-centric one, making contemplation enjoyable.

Multiple Ways to Enter

Use written notes, voice notes, and AI chats to support your journey of self-discovery.

What Enter Is Not

Not Just Another Productivity App

Enter is not a competitor to Notion, Craft, or Google Docs. While these apps excel in utility, Enter stands out in intentionality. It encourages you to do less, creating space for what truly matters.

Not an AI-Driven Solution

While Enter's AI features assist, they don’t replace your thinking. It wasn’t designed to be a self-driving car but still offers smart features like cruise control. It’s for matters of the heart, where true wisdom resides.

Not a Fix-All Solution

Anything done in Enter is of your own doing. Enter isn’t a mental prescription pill that can help you, it is a tool that can clear the way for you to help yourself. It’s designed to be a tool you’ll naturally gravitate toward out of enjoyment, not necessity.

Created for Me, Shared with You

I built Enter for myself without considering a broader audience. However, if you find it intriguing, it’s available for you too.

I found this from an elementary school journal that sums up what Enter is more than anything:

You're Invited To Try

While Enter is available on the App Store, this latest version I’ve described is not public yet, and may never will be. If you are interested in giving it a try, please reach out to me on X.


Meet Eos

Eos is the most wise AI I have ever chatted with.

Your Sincere and Wise AI Companion

Eos is integrated within your notebook, offering wisdom anytime you need it. Unlike other AI tools, Eos is designed to never think for you. Instead, it prompts you to think for yourself, encouraging deeper reflection and insight. Eos nudges you to explore your thoughts further, guiding you to reach profound levels of understanding and self-inquiry.

Featuring *Nudge*

While in a Note, you can pull to refresh, and Eos will give you a nudge. Imagine this as sitting next to a friend who nudges you to look at what you're writing. It's meant to nudge you further into your exploration. You can also nudge Eos from the Hub or your notes list, where it will provide prompts based on your most recent writings.


You Can Get Started With Enter Today

Enter is available on the App Store, minus all the AI features. Nonetheless, the version on the App Store is still my favourite on-the-go notes app on the market.


Enter's design removes barriers between thought and expression.


Tagging transforms your myriad thoughts into an organized, easily navigable library.


Tailor Enter's look to your personal style


Enter is entirely free to use for both iPhone and iPad. *Enter AI will not be


Archive your less immediate thoughts without losing them.


Enter stores everything in your personal iCloud. I wouldn’t be able to access it if my life depended on it.